Whats Right With The World

Whats Right

Help us balance out the world of Fuzz with stories of hope and inspiration. Nevermind what’s wrong with the world -we want to know what’s right? We’re looking for stories about people who have overcome. Because even we know that bad things happen to good people and not everyone accused is guilty. We also know that people change. We salute those who have made mistakes and learned from them.

Join the celebration by sharing a story. Write to: whatsright@fuzzbustedonline.com and tell us what’s right with the world? Include name and phone number. Submissions should be limited to 350 words.

Liberty Crouch

WHAT’S RIGHT?: LIBERTY CROUCH finds freedom in forgiveness

Posted on Oct 21, 2015 in Featured | Comments Off on WHAT’S RIGHT?: LIBERTY CROUCH finds freedom in forgiveness

By: Kim Gardner At age 36, Liberty Crouch feels like she’s already lived several lives. She’s come out of a past marked with sexual abuse, drugs, domestic violence and constant disappointment from people she loved. She was ready to die in December 2012 when her life turned around. Crouch recalls living in a sparsely-furnished apartment […]

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Posted on Jul 28, 2015 in Featured | no responses

For the first time in her life, Angela Rupe lives a normal life. She has an honest job at the Waynesville Huddle House, goes home every night to her husband and 17-year-old daughter and enjoys regular visits with her two sons. But not that long ago, Rupe’s life was heading down a very different path- […]

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Chris Smith

WHAT’S RIGHT?: Chris Smith Has A New Lease On Life

Posted on Jun 8, 2015 in Featured | no responses

By Kim Gardner When you first meet Christopher Smith, there is little to indicate the troubled path he’s been down. He’s polite, born and raised in Haywood County, and is an entrepreneur. But the 30-year-old has knocked on death’s door and lived to tell about it. Now, he’s putting his past troubles to use and […]

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