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Stranger things have happened… but rarely in Clyde where police recently arrested a man and woman accused of running a prostitution house under the guise of a business that sells farm animals.

James Lee Ramsey, 29, of Clyde and Vicky Cecero, 25, of Waynesville were arrested April 7 after a sting operation revealed the couple was promoting prostitution from a Clyde apartment.

The apartment was fronted by a business called Wild Things Plantation where the couple was selling animals such as ducks, chickens, goats as well as sex.

According to a press release from Clyd Police Chief Terry Troutman, authorities believe the couple was using social media to advertise the business and attract people to the apartment. People, including several sex offenders, were traveling from other counties and out of state to visit the apartment.

Law enforcement officers began watching the apartment more than a month ago, which led to the execution of the search warrant earlier this week.

Both suspects were charged with promoting prostitution. Ramsey- a fugitive from Georgia- also faces charges for maintaining a place for prostitution and felony conspiracy. He was jailed under $60,000 bond. Cecero was released on written promise to appear in court. The investigation is ongoing, additional charges may be forthcoming.

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