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pub: 1/17/14, issue 10

Michael Wolfer, 23, was booked into an Oregon jail Jan. 4 for allegedly punching and choking his wife during an argument in front of their three children, according to police records obtained by and posted on thesmokinggun.com.

Charged with (F) Domestic Violence, (M) Strangulation

pub: 3/14/14, issue 14

Daniel Kowalski, 21, was arrested in his Illinois home last month for possessing the makings of a meth lab.

He happened to be wearing a t-shirt with the “Los Pollos Hermanos” logo

“Los Pollos Hermanos” is a fictional chain of fried chicken restaurants featured in Breaking Bad – an American crime drama television series that tells the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher turned meth lord. After being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, White turned to meth manufacturing in a last ditch attempt to leave his family an inheritance. “Los Pollos Hermanos” serves as a front to White’s life of crime.

Kowalski was first arrested in July for allegedly making meth in his home. As a term of his release, he was placed on probation. Acting on a tip that he was making meth, authorities performed a “home check” and discovered the makings of what they suspect was another lab… as well as a jar containing 12 psychedelic mushrooms.

He was charged with four felonies, including possession of a controlled substance and possession of methamphetamine manufacturing materials.

-According to reports on thesmokinggun.com

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